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Out of the Box Wedding Reception Ideas

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Tanya Rad was at a wedding over the weekend and they had a tattoo artist there giving out free tattoos! Since Tanya will be getting married sometime within the next year or two, it got her thinking what other "out-of-the-box" wedding reception activities should she have? Team brainstorm!

Here are some ideas...

A PIERCING STATION - If you can have a tattoo artist…why not someone giving out piercings?

PORTRAITS or CARICATURES - A drawing or painting of yourself is a pretty nice souvenir from a wedding.

TAROT CARD READINGS - Fortune tellers are becoming more common at weddings…especially for single guests wondering when their special day is coming.

CUSTOM PERFUME/COLOGNE STATION - Where you can create your own unique signature fragrance.

A PETTING ZOO - Alpacas liven up any party!

A GLITTER BAR - Glitter hair, glitter beards, glitter eyebrows…the sparklier, the better.

And here’s a big question…A Live DJ or a Live Band…or is there another option?!

If she gets a live band... or a performer... who should she have?!

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