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Popping a Pimple in the Middle of Your Face Could Kill You?

Would you rather die of embarrassment by walking around with a huge ZIT on your face all day . . . or ACTUALLY die?  Tough choice, but this story begs the question . . .

According to experts, popping a pimple in the middle of your face could literally KILL you if it gets infected.

There's an area called the "triangle of death" that stretches from just above your nose down to both sides of your mouth.

And popping a pimple anywhere in that area could lead to an infection that could spread to your sinuses.

When that happens, the veins behind your eyes start to form clots to contain the infection.  Which puts pressure on your brain, and can lead to paralysis, or even death.

And if you don't treat it right away, it can also cause meningitis or a massive stroke.

It's called "cavernous sinus thrombosis."  And the chances it'll happen are VERY slim.  But about a third of people who do end up with it DIE from it.

It can also happen if an area INSIDE your nose gets infected.  So if hair is an issue, doctors say to trim your nose hairs, not pluck them.  

(Daily Mail)

(Photo: Getty Images)

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