The Best Sign You're Healthy Is If You Can Do 40 Push-Ups?

Forget expensive medical tests or anything like that. If you want to see whether or not you're going to have a heart attack . . . just drop and give me 40. 

A new study out of Harvard found that the best sign of whether a man's heart is healthy or not is whether he can bang out at least 40 push-ups in a row.

(And I guess if you have a heart attack DURING those 40 push-ups, then you'll REALLY know.)

If he can, his odds of a heart attack, stroke, or heart disease are 96% LOWER than average.

The researchers say the test works because your ability to do push-ups is the best overall, quote, "marker of general physical fitness" . . . especially for men over 40. 


(Photo: Getty Images)



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