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74% of Us Think We Have a Sophisticated Palate?

This is a country that invented spray cheese, Manwich, and deep fried Kool Aid.  So . . . we can't ALSO all be highbrow, discerning foodies.  Right?

According to a new survey, 74% of Americans say they have a sophisticated palate, and the average age they developed it was 31.

And here are the top nine signs you're a foodie.  I guess a nice, round top 10 would've been too mainstream and commercial?

1.  Trying lots of new foods.

2.  Being interested in where food comes from.

3.  Being able to cook a quality meal.

4.  Knowing what foods are in season.

5.  Knowing how to pair meats and cheeses with wine and beer.

6.  Always having a cool restaurant you want to try.

7.  Being able to pronounce tough food names.

8.  Eating healthy 

9.  Traveling to a country to try the food. 



(New York Post)

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