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The Most Popular Netflix Shows for Each State

For whatever reason, a site dug through 'Google Trends' data to figure out which Netflix show was the most popular in each state.

They had to do it this way because Netflix doesn't make their streaming data available.  And because of that, there was a flaw.

Somehow, "Star Trek: Discovery" was the #1 searched Netflix show in Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska . . . even though it's not even on Netflix.  They didn't really explain that . . . although the show IS available on Netflix internationally.

Maybe the people in Alaska thought it was available because, from their homes, they could see people in Russia watching "Star Trek: Discovery"?  (???)

In any event, "Orange Is the New Black" was #1 in 15 states, which was more than any other show.  "American Vandal" was the most popular in five states, and several shows were #1 in three states.

Somewhat surprisingly, "Stranger Things" was only #1 in ONE state:  Utah. 

And in Alababama..."Gilmore Girls"...was not expecting that.

(HighSpeedInternet.com has the map showing every state, along with some additional information.)

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