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It Only Takes Seven Stressful Workdays Before We Want a Vacation

 We're two months into 2022. Have you started thinking about a vacation yet? A new poll found it might depend on how many STRESSFUL WORKDAYS you've had so far this year.

The average person starts thinking about their next vacation after just SEVEN stressful days at work.

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They apparently don't have to happen all in a row. Just seven total since the last time you took a nice long stretch off, which was during the holidays for most of us. So if you've had seven rough days at work since then, you might be ready.

According to the poll, here are the top five ways we know it's time for a vacation: You're stressed . . . you're sick of work . . . your significant other is stressed . . . you've got a little extra money saved up . . . and your KIDS want a vacation.

Looking forward to your next one is half the fun. Most people said they prefer the anticipation over planning something last-minute.

But once we do go on vacation, we relax into it pretty quickly. Almost one in three people said their vacation starts the SECOND they leave work. 

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