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Couple Buys Couch Filled With Fingernails

Here's the grossest story of the day. Are there people out there who just use their sofas as trash cans? Because this is nasty . . .

A 28-year-old woman in Ireland named Jess Taylor recently bought a used couch with her boyfriend, because their dog ruined their old one. They didn't want anything too nice, because it would just get trashed again.

They ended up with a tan-and-brown two-seater that fit the bill. But they didn't find out what came WITH the couch until they lost their remote for the first time.

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Jess's boyfriend reached down in the cushions to look for the remote, and felt something weird. So he pulled his hand back out . . . and realized he was holding an entire handful of FINGERNAILS.  (!!!)

It turned out the couch was filled with THOUSANDS of nail clippings. And there were plenty of toenails too. So someone was obviously disposing of them in there. Maybe multiple people.

Jen says the first thing they did was start gagging. But they're troopers, and decided to KEEP the couch.  (I would have burned it and then gone to the shower to cry.)

They vacuumed the rest of the nails out. Jen says there were so many, it sounded like she was vacuuming up uncooked rice. 



(NY Post)

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