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One Hour of Exercise Can Help You Burn More Calories for Two Full Days

 We already knew exercise raises your metabolism and helps burn more calories, even after you work out. But how long does that effect last? A study found it might be longer than you think . . .

Researchers at Oregon State found that one hour of exercise can help you burn more calories for TWO FULL DAYS.

They specifically looked at how it affects people who don't usually work out. Everyone in the study was living a "sedentary" lifestyle.

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They had each person ride a stationary bike for an hour, and then tested the mitochondria in their cells. That's the part that turns sugars and fat into energy.

They actually biopsied each person's muscle tissue to do it. And even well after their workout, they were burning over 10% more calories than when they didn't work out.

People in the study burned 12 to 13% more fat-based fuel, and 14 to 17% more sugar-based fuel. So it helped even more with calories from sugary snacks.

They say it's the first study to show that even adding a little exercise to your routine can help if you don't normally get much. And it sounds like even exercising every few days can keep your metabolism pumping at a higher rate.



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