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Do You Know How Long The Average Couples Spends Together A Day?

If I asked you how many hours you spend in the same room with your significant other, chances are the number would start out high . . . then slowly go down the more you thought about it.

A recent survey in the U.K. found that the average couple spends just FOUR HOURS a day in the same room as each other.

We're assuming that does NOT include sleeping . . . although 17% said that they don't sleep in the same bedroom, often because of snoring.

Rear view of a couple watching TV while relaxing on the sofa at home.

Photo: Getty Images

On a typical weekday, couples spend seven-and-a-half hours in the house at the same time . . . but only 57% of that is in the same room. And on weekends, couples spend nine hours under the same roof, but only 60% actually together.

Some of the main reasons couples aren't in the same room include: Conflicting work hours, different interests, and alternative bed times. 

Also, around 20% said they "mutually agree" with their partner to spend time in different rooms . . . but 10% poetically admitted they are like "passing ships in the night." (???) 


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