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There's a List of Foods That Boost Your Mood AND BACON ISN'T NUMBER 1?!?

A recent study looked into the foods that people think make them FEEL BETTER, and . . . I know this is going to come as a shock . . . but almost ALL of them are NOT healthy.

Milk chocolate is the #1 food people think has mood-boosting powers . . . followed closely by DARK chocolate.

People eating juicy burger

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Coffee is next, followed by ice cream, chocolate cookies, cake, bananas, tea, berries, pizza, beer, red wine, fries, cheese, and "sweets." (Which is funny . . . as if we haven't done a good job covering sweets already.)

"Nuts and seeds" is next at #16, followed by "oily fish" like salmon.

Bacon finally pops up at #18, and then "potato chips and other savory snacks," and cookies.


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