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Should We All Be Parking the Way Car Dealerships Do It?

How often does this happen to you?

You're in a parking lot, and someone else parks too close. So you have to shimmy your way back into your car, while making sure your door doesn't hit THEIR car. And the whole thing reminds you you're not that thin anymore.

Well, some guy on TikTok claims we could avoid that problem if we just changed the RULES of parking . . . and started doing it the way a lot of car dealerships do. 

He posted a video where all the cars at a dealership are parked with their left tires ON the left line of each parking space.

But people are split on whether it would really make a difference. Some people claim it's easier than centering yourself in a spot. And it would help make all the cars more evenly spaced. 

Obviously it's not practical to make everyone change the way they park though. And some people would still screw it up anyway. If only half of people did it, it would just make things worse. 

(Fox News)

(Cover Photo: Getty Images, Apriori1, iStock)

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