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70% of Us Have Experienced Rudeness at Work

It may seem like RUDENESS is on the rise. A stat has even been going around claiming that 98% of people have experienced rude behavior at work.

Well, a new study in the "Journal of Applied Psychology" looked a three main fields . . . restaurants, manufacturing, and office workers . . . and found that while about 70% of these workers have experienced rudeness, only 16% of workplace relationships are rude or toxic.

Male Coworkers Whispering Behind Back Of Unhappy Businesswoman In Office

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Basically, the numbers show that rudeness isn't an EPIDEMIC in the workplace . . . instead, a few bad apples are spoiling it for the whole office.

A co-author of the study said, quote, "Prior research suggests workplace mistreatment is harmful and widespread, [so] it is often called an epidemic . . .

"But our findings show that rude behavior is less like the flu and more like cholera. It is still harmful, but far less common, and outbreaks are often traced to a single source . . . much like a contaminated water pump."

(UCF/American Psychological Association)

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