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A Study Says Start Eating Chocolate for Breakfast

I feel like we're gonna find out Willy Wonka was behind this report. Because how is this possible?

A new scientific study just came out that found it might be a good idea to start eating chocolate for BREAKFAST.

It specifically looked at the effects in older women. And we're not talking about a tiny bite of chocolate. They had to eat 100 grams of milk chocolate within an hour of waking up . . . which is more than two FULL-SIZED Hershey's bars.

Two Chocolate Cupcake On A Wooden Board

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Women in the study did it for two weeks and didn't gain weight. And they weren't asked to change their diet in any other way.

They DID end up eating slightly less throughout the day though. So it might make you feel full longer, and that's one reason they didn't gain weight.

But they still consumed more calories overall. So it looks like it also might up your metabolism and help you burn more fat.

The study found it worked at night too. Women who ate chocolate up to an hour before bed saw the same effects. But eating it in the middle of the day might not work as well. 

(EurekAlert/Study Finds/Fox News)

(Photo: Getty Images, Towfiqu Barbhuiya / EyeEm, EyeEm)

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