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Two-Thirds of Us Treat Our Pets Better Than We Treat Ourselves

It's Pet Appreciation Week . . . or PAW for short. But do we really need a whole week to remind us to do that? It sounds like we're pampering them on a regular basis already.

94% of pet owners in a new poll said they try to make their pets feel appreciated on a regular basis. And two-thirds feel like they treat their pet better than they treat THEMSELVES. Here are the top ten ways we show our pets some love . . .

Happy smiling young golden retriever dog under light gray plaid. Pet warms under a blanket in cold winter weather. Pets friendly and care concept.

Photo: Getty Images

1. Playing with them.

2. Telling them, "good boy" or "good girl."

3. Feeding them the food they like, even if it's expensive.

4. Making sure their food is also healthy.

5. Always having their favorite treats on hand.

6. Saying "I love you."

7. Making sure they have a nice bed or sleeping space.

8. Buying them new toys.

9. Letting them sleep in bed with us.

10. Taking them to the vet for regular checkups. 


(Photo: Getty Images, Prystai, iStock)

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