How Many Dates It Takes Before We Know We Like Someone

How many dates does it take before you know you like someone and might want to get serious? Obviously it depends on the person, but we've got some new stats on it. And for most people, the answer is . . . not that many dates.

Just under half of people said three dates or less is enough to tell, including 10% who said one date. Another 7% said they wouldn't go out with someone unless they ALREADY knew they liked them a lot. Only 13% said they needed more than five dates.

Young Couple on a Date

Photo: Getty Images

The survey also found 54% of people on dating apps are looking for something serious right now . . . 26% just want to ROMP . . . and 6% of the people on there admit they're trying to CHEAT on their current partner.

(Photo: Getty Images, Koron, Moment)