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Half of Us Think Dinosaurs Might Still Exist

Just in case there was any question about this . . . yes, your eight-year-old knows more about dinosaurs than you do. Maybe a LOT more. And a new poll found American adults know VERY little about dinosaurs even though we loved them as kids.

Here's the craziest stat: Close to HALF of Americans said they think it's possible dinosaurs STILL EXIST in some remote corner of the world. (That MIGHT be true if you count birds . . . or if there's a real-life Jurassic Park we don't know about.)

Liopleurodon Chasing Sharks

Photo: Getty Images

Here are a few more quick stats on what we know . . . and don't know . . . about dinosaurs . . .

1. One in five adults think dinosaurs were still roaming the Earth in large numbers 100 years ago. But fossil records put it at more like 65 MILLION years.

2. 54% think they only lived in Africa and North America. But their bones have been found all over the world.

3. The average adult can name four different dinosaurs. T-rexes are #1. 47% couldn't identify a triceratops. 


(Photo: Getty Images, Daniel Eskridge, iStock)

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