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Someone Sent a Bunch of Drunk Texts to an Aquarium, and They Responded

Plenty of us have drunk texted an ex. But who does THIS? An aquarium in South Carolina posted screenshots after a guy drunk texted their "Ask an Aquarium Educator" hotline and asked a bunch of questions about marine life.

It apparently happened last Wednesday, and he sent seven different texts between 10:30 and midnight. (Here are the screenshots.)

His first one said he was at the corner of Market Street and Meeting Street, which is in downtown Charleston where all the bars are. And he wanted to know what the area would have looked like 10,000 years ago.

He also asked what marine biologists are fascinated by right now . . . what they disagree about . . . why seahorses like to grab onto stuff with their tails . . . and why people say you should only eat oysters in months ending with "R".

And the aquarium actually responded to ALL of his texts the next morning.

They explained that seahorses grab things with their tail because they're bad swimmers and get tossed around by the current. And it's a little safer to eat oysters in months ending in "R" because they're colder months . . . when it's warm, oysters are more likely to have bacteria that can make us sick.

The guy replied around noon after he sobered up and thanked them. He also joked that his wife should be happy he drunk texts aquariums instead of other women. 


(Photo: Getty Images, satit_srihin, iStock)

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