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Is Eating Too Much Hummus Bad for You?

The internet is in freak-out mode after someone stumbled on an article that said eating too much HUMMUS could be bad for you. But is it really something to worry about?

The website "Eat This, Not That" posted about it way back in February. And yes, eating too much hummus can be bad . . . just like eating too much of ANYTHING can be bad.

They singled it out because it's made of chick peas. They're a legume like peanuts, which are hard to digest. So if you eat a lot of hummus in one sitting, it can cause gas, bloating, acid reflux, and stomach pain. And people with IBS might want to be careful.

But it's also full of fiber, which is generally good for you. And it's fairly low in calories. So as long as your stomach's okay, you're probably fine to eat as much as you want.

One of the experts they talked to even said hummus is one of the SAFER foods to overindulge on.

But if it does hurt your stomach and you LOVE hummus, you can train your body to get used to it. Just eat a little less at first . . . ramp it up over time . . . and drink water with it. Eventually, your body will learn to love the extra fiber. 

(Fox News/EatThis)

(Photo: Getty Images, istetiana, Moment)

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