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The Average Person Thinks They Could Survive 16 Days in the Wilderness

This number might not be that far off . . . but only because our BODIES are good at surviving, not us.

The average person thinks that if you dropped them in the middle of nowhere, they could survive in the wilderness for 16 days.

Again, that's SURVIVE . . . not survive comfortably. So as long as you could find water and not freeze to death, you might make it.

The "not freezing" part might be tough though, because less than one in five Americans are confident they could start a fire if they only had flint. And without flint, it's probably closer to zero percent.

Only one in seven think they'd be able to tell which plants and berries were edible, and which ones might kill them. And two-thirds of us don't know what poison ivy looks like.

The survey also found that after a year of lockdowns and pandemic stress, 63% of us have a newfound appreciation for nature and being outdoors.

(Study Finds)

(Photo: Getty Images, eclipse_images, E+)

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