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Would You Watch a Show That's Described as "'Game of Thrones' with Otters?"

If someone busted into the room right now and said, "You gotta watch this show . . . It's like 'Game of Thrones', but with OTTERS!!!" Would that get your attention?

That's what the Discovery Channel is hoping with its upcoming show "Otter Dynasty". It's about three clans of otters that live in Marina Bay in Singapore.

The Bay City Clan are basically your One Percenters. They live the "royal life of luxury among Singapore's futuristic landscapes."

The River Rebels are the up-and-comers who live in a "fashionable and trendy neighborhood."

And the Wildlings are a young clan living a "hard but adventurous life in the Mangrove forest where they tough it out against marauding lizards, floods and choppy seas."

The show will follow the otters as they "fight for their turn to be on top while continuing to adapt to their concrete jungle" . . . and I guess, also show their boobs a lot and raise dragons? 

(Hollywood Reporter)

(Photo: Getty Images, Courtesy of, Moment)

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