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What's a Strange Food Combo You Eat But Sounds Nasty?

Yesterday, we saw a list of snack foods that taste better when paired together. And now, people are sharing food combos they "always eat," but don't admit it to others because they know it "sounds nasty."

Some highlights include . . .

1. Oreos with sour cream and onion dip. Also, dunking Oreos in Hawaiian Punch.

2. A grilled cheese sandwich with jam.

3. Orange juice in cereal.

4. Salami with Nutella.

5. Vanilla ice cream and sea salt chips.

6. Mac and cheese, mixed with apple sauce.

7. Ranch on spaghetti. Which is ALMOST the same thing as dipping pizza into ranch, but somehow it sounds a lot different.

8. Cottage cheese and Tabasco, straight out of the tub.

9. Hot chocolate with raw eggs . . . so the boiling water cooks the eggs. (???)


(Photo: Getty Images, Chuck Kahn / EyeEm, EyeEm)

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