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When Does Summer Really Start?

Summer officially starts on June 20th this year . . . according to, you know, scientists and whoever invented the calendar. But does it REALLY?

A new survey asked people when they think summer starts. And 59% say it doesn't start on a specific date like June 20th . . . there are other signs that it's started.

The top four signs that it's summer are . . .

1. It's over 75 degrees outside.

2. You go to a barbecue.

3. It's hot enough out to grab ice cream from an ice cream truck.

4. You can go swimming outside.

The survey also found that 55% of people say they're planning on doing TWICE as much this summer as they normally do because they missed out on so much last year. 

(Study Finds)

(Photo: Getty Images, simonkr, E+)

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