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Two-Thirds of Single People Would Dump Someone Over This One Thing...

It's tough if your friends and family don't like the person you're dating. But if your PET hates them, that's easy . . . BYE.

A new survey of 2,000 single people found 67% would DUMP someone if their pet didn't like them. And we value our pet's opinion of people we date over everyone else's opinion . . . including our own.

Two-thirds said they trust their pet more than friends or family when it comes to relationships. And 71% trust their pet's take more than they trust themselves. Here are five more quick stats . . .

1. Seven in 10 people have dated someone their pet didn't like. And 63% said their pet has saved them from dating the wrong person.

2. When it comes to getting along with our pets, we don't give a lot of second chances. Most people said if their pet doesn't like the person immediately, it's over.

3. The most obvious signs your pet doesn't like someone are: They won't go near them . . . they claw or bite . . . or they growl or hiss.

4. 69% said they'd rather be in a fight with a significant other than a fight with their pet.

5. According to the poll, the best ways to make someone's pet like you are: Be friendly . . . scratch them behind the ear . . . and give them treats. 


(Photo: Getty Images, Vasyl Dolmatov, iStock)

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