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Are You Normal, or Are You Weird?

Would you say you're a normal person, or are you weird and different?

A recent study found we're twice as likely to say that we're NOT like other people.

Strange passenger in elegant suit sits alone inside the aircraft and ready to take off

48% agreed with the statement, "Most people are NOT like me" . . . while 1 in 4 said they ARE pretty normal in general. Everyone else wasn't sure if they're more normal or weird.

Men were a little more likely to say they're cut from a different cloth. 50% compared to 46% of women. So, not a huge difference.

But the one thing that does matter is age. Only 12% of people under 25 think they're normal . . . compared to 33% of seniors.


(Photo: Getty Images, Sergey_T, iStock)

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