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A Guy Fired for "Aggressive" Use of Question Marks

This might be the first guy to get fired over his AGGRESSIVE PUNCTUATION . . . and also, the first guy to get a settlement after he got fired over his aggressive punctuation. 

Dr. Binoy Sobnack was a lecturer at Loughborough University in the U.K. for 18 years before he was fired last March for, quote, "unnecessarily aggressive" punctuation.

The school mainly had an issue with how he used question marks. Like, one text he sent said, quote, "Do you have to stay for dinner????" with four question marks . . . and, quote, "Why don't you listen??????" with six question marks.

I guess I can kind of see where the school was coming from, because six question marks definitely FEELS like it means something. But still . . . it was a stretch to FIRE someone over that.

And an employment board agreed. A judge just gave Binoy a $20,000 payout.

Binoy was looking for four times more than that, but the judge said it was clear Binoy was doing some stuff that led to him getting fired . . . the reason the school used just wasn't good enough. 

(New York Post)

(Photo: Getty Images)

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