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Can't Remember Someone's Name? This Website May Help

If you always forget people's names, you probably won't remember this website either. But it could help . . .

FlowingData.com has a tool to help you GUESS someone's name. All you need to know is the first letter of their name, and the decade they were born in.

When you enter those two things, it spits out the 20 most common names for people born that decade. And it also tells you how likely each one is.

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For example, if you're a man born in the '80s and your name starts with "B", there's about a 50% chance your name is Brian, Brandon, or Ben.

Or if you're a woman born in the '90s, there's over a 40% chance your name is Brittany, Brianna, or Brooke.

It's fun to play around with even if you don't need to remember someone's name. Just google "FlowingData name guess." 


(Photo: Getty Images, Hinterhaus Productions)

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