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How Do You Have Your Significant Other Listed in Your Phone?

Here's something that's possibly a random window into the soul of your relationship. People on Twitter are sharing how their significant other is listed in their phone.

It all started a few days ago when a woman named Jennifer Wortman tweeted, quote, "Today I discovered my husband has me in his phone as 'Jennifer Wortman.'" It's clear: She thought it was strange she was listed so formally.

That tweet went viral, and people started sharing how they're named in their partner's phone or vice versa. Here are a few of the best ones . . .

1. "Full name for my husband, which I finally changed from 'OK Cupid Guy number three' after five years of marriage."

2. "My boyfriend and I met [after] terrible surgeries and wanted to share survival tips, so he was in my phone as 'Paul L pain' and I'm in his as 'Eve pain management.'"

3. "My husband has my entire name, including middle, and a photo he accidentally took of the back of my head with his phone."

4. "My wife is not [in] my phone. She got offended and asked why. My answer: If there is one number I need to remember wherever I go, it's yours."

5. "His name followed by 20 emojis." 



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