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6 Tricks from Psychologists for Accomplishing Your Goals

If you're trying to improve yourself in 2021, here are six tips from psychologists on how to accomplish your goals . . .

1. Envision your success. If your goal isn't something that gets you excited to push through, it's going to be hard to stay motivated.

2. Break large goals into smallermicro-goals. Like if you want to de-clutter and reorganize your whole house, start with one room so you're not overwhelmed.

3. Think about the "why" behind your goals. And try to be positive with it. Instead of saying, "I want to rethink my spending habits because I'm broke and bad at saving money" . . . try "I want to curb unnecessary spending and save up for something I love."

4. Do the prep work. It can be as simple as preparing meals ahead of time, or buying a water bottle so you have water on hand to hydrate throughout the day.

5. Get the help of one friend you trust. You're more likely to be motivated and focused when you have support and accountability.

6. Acknowledge your wins. If you only notice times when you fall short, you'll lose steam fast. Instead, recognize every tiny step forward you make, no matter how small it is. 

(Real Simple)

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