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Kate's DWTS Recap

If I had to sum up last nights episode in one word it would be WOW!

Ok, first off I'm a little upset at how good all the celebs are this year! Normally we get a few really good ones, some ok ones and then some that are just horrible. However, this year the all seem to be pretty good! A few of them are definitely leading the pack for sure!

My prediction for the final 3 in no particular order....

DeMarcus Ware & Lindsey - Typically we see the athletes do pretty good on the show and he is improving week to week, plus the judges love him!

Milo Manheim & Witney - This kid can dance! I mean it helps that he's a Disney kid and has done some Broadway before, but he picks up the moves, is confident and definitely has all the right moves!

Tinashe & Brandon - They may be the team to beat! She's gotten the best scores so far in the show and I mean hello, did you see that Tango they did last night?! CRAZY GOOD! They did add in a lot of tricks & lifts so not too much dancing was done but it was still ridiculously good! Check it out....

As far as who's going home this week.....well I think the bottom 2 will be Grocery Store Joe (partnered with Jenna) and Nancy McKeon (partnered with Val). Joe just isn't a dancer and Nancy, well she's got a hurt foot and she was in the bottom last week. BUT we will see tonight!

Now for our iHeart Fav - BOBBY BONES

I mean wow....I'm about as speechless as Sharna was at the end of their dance! He has improved from last week and I love how much fun he is having with every dance! I still just can't believe he actually FLOSSED at the end of his Foxtrot! It was definitly not choreographed and came as a surprise to everyone! The judges didn't seem to happy with him but Bobby said that's part of his strategy. You'll have to watch and vote for him week to week to see what crazy thing he may do next and we love it! Go Bobby!

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