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This Year's National Toy Hall of Fame Finalists Are Here

The National Toy Hall of Fame announced this year's 12 finalists.  And three of the toys will be inducted later this fall.

Two of them were also nominated last year but didn't make it in . . . Uno cards, and the Magic 8-Ball.  And it's a pretty strong field this year, so it might be tough for them again.

The 12 nominees are . . .

American Girl Dolls . . . chalk . . . "Chutes and Ladders" . . . the Magic 8-Ball . . . Masters of the Universe action figures . . . pinball . . . the sled . . . Tic-Tac-Toe . . . Tickle Me Elmo . . . Electric Football . . . Uno . . . and the Fisher-Price Corn Popper.

(The Corn Popper is that little dome thing kids push around like a stroller, with balls inside that pop around when the wheels turn.)

The three toys that make it in will be announced on November 8th.  Last year's inductees were "Clue", the Wiffle Ball, and the paper airplane. 




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