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Are You in a Relationship with Someone Who Kinda Looks Like Your Mom or Dad

Well good luck getting turned on after THIS.

A new study out of the Czech Republic looked at 950 heterosexual couples, and the researchers found that most people subconsciously gravitated toward settling down with someone who looked like their PARENTS.

The men tended to gravitate toward women who look like their mother . . . women went for guys who look like their father.

The researchers think it's because we have the first meaningful relationship in our lives with our parents, so their characteristics get imprinted in our brains, almost like a template for the future.

But . . . since it's hard to find an exact doppelganger of your mom or dad out there, we go for more basic characteristics, specifically eye color and hair color.

So if you're in a relationship with someone whose eye or hair color matches your mother or father . . . yeah, that wasn't an accident. 



(Daily Mail)

(Photo: Getty Images)

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