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Boyfriend Steals Toilet After Breakup

People do crazy things when they get dumped.  But this is a new one for us.  A woman on Reddit claims she broke up with her boyfriend Monday night.  And he responded by . . . stealing her TOILET.

She went to bed while he was still packing up the last of his stuff.  And when she woke up, he was gone . . . along with the only toilet in her apartment.

She posted a photo of her bathroom.  And there's just an open pipe in the floor where the toilet should be.

She says her old toilet broke a few months ago.  And instead of letting her landlord handle it, the boyfriend wanted to do it, because he works as a plumber.  But then he constantly complained about how much money he spent on it.

She says that after she broke up with him, the first thing he said was, "I'm taking the [effing] toilet."  But she didn't think he was serious . . . because WHO DOES THAT?

Apparently she talked to the cops about it, but it's not clear if they're doing anything.

Someone was supposed to come put in a new toilet for her yesterday.  But in the meantime, she was using the bathroom at a Taco Bell down the street. 




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