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Kate's NYE Resolution

It's a new year so it's time for some New Year Resolutions! Of course you have your typical health, happiness and weight loss BUT I wanted to do something different and FUN for the new year! So this is what I came up with....

This year, every week, for the next 52 weeks, I want to watch a new movie I have never seen before! 

Now that I'm older, I just don't seem to watch that many movies and I feel like I am missing out! So I'm looking for 52 movies to watch! Comedy, drama, romance, horror, foreign, kids movie, black and white, it doesn't matter! I'm looking for anything and everything! This is what I've gotten so far from my friends.....

Better Off Dead


North by Northwest

First Period

The Zoo Keepers Wife

Odd Thomas

The Thomas Crown Affair

The Ugly Dachshund


Magnificent Seven – NEW Version

The Quite Man

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – 1939 version

Young Frankenstein

The Changling

The Shack

The Shape of Water


Life is Beautiful

Jingle All The Way

Big Hero 6

Rear Window

Peter’s Friends

Much Ado About Nothing

Monuments Men

The Cutting Edge

Enough to get me through half the year! BUT I need more! So if you have a favorite movie or just a general movie comment it on our Facebook page @941ZBQ!! Help me achieve this NYE Resolution!

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