Top Five Bucket List Destinations

Needing a vacation? Or maybe you're graduating and want to take a trip before you start your job in the real world? Well here is a list of the most popular bucket list destinations.....

Here are the five most popular INTERNATIONAL destinations we want to visit . . . 

1.  Australia.


2.  Italy.


3.  The U.K., or Ireland.


4.  France.


5.  The Caribbean.  Africa is next, followed by Canada.


The #1 STATE people want to visit is Hawaii, followed by Alaska, California, Arizona, and Nevada.  Although, speaking from experience, be careful in always show up with money and go home broke haha!

But the good news is that FANTASIZING about a bucket list trip is half the fun.  Dreaming about a trip is just as enjoyable as going on the trip. 

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