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This List of Comfort Foods Is Questionable!

Sorry if you're on a diet right now.  This list won't make jamming that salad down your throat any easier . . .

A new online survey had people rank the top 50 comfort foods, and it's a pretty good mix of salty and sweet. But good old-fashioned bread-and-cheese took the top spot and I've got some serious questions about several things that made the list!

1.  Grilled cheese sandwiches - OK but who and why? Seriously!


2.  Chocolate.


3.  Pizza.


4.  Ice cream.  Frozen yogurt came in 39th but I mean they're the same thing. 


5.  French fries.


6.  Macaroni and cheese.


7.  Chocolate chip cookies.


8.  Mashed potatoes. - ????


9.  Fried chicken.


10.  Spaghetti and meatballs - Again who and why?!

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