The Storm Brought Jurassic Park To My Backyard

So I live in Northport, and I've lived in my house for 3 years and I've lived in Alabama for 7 years. NEVER has a storm brought some prehistoric creatures like this to my house afterwards but yesterday was special.

So we all know we had LOTS of rain, wind and thunder yesterday. My fiance and I also have a large 80lbs dog that mostly lives outside. 

Before you get crazy, he has plenty of shelter, a bed, food and water. Part of his shelter is access to our large screened in porch. So yesterday when I got home I went to let the dog inside and I notice something fluttering in the corner of the porch. Now, I'm not about to go out and get attacked so of course I call my fiance to come check it out. He gets outside and laughs telling's a moth! A moth?! This sucker was as big as my dang hand!! I mean this is some prehistoric Jurassic Park stuff!!!

Back in San Diego, if we would of seen this sucker, we would have freaked out! Who has a moth the size of a hand?!?! 

Apparently it's called a Luna Moth (thanks FB friends). It has a wing span of 4.5 in, no joke, and rarely exceed 7 in.....I was speachless reading this on google mind you. 



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