I Think I Know Who Will Die Next On TWD!


OK First off this is NOT confirmed info, just my opinion. I think that the next main character to be killed on The Walking Dead will be......SASHA!!

I know, it's like what? Why? NO!! BUT I think this will be the last season we see Sonequa Martin-Green. First off, her character doesn't even exist in the comic books so that is kind of a big clue there. Then, there is the fact that she's kind of run her role. She was brave in the start, then she got all messed up when Bob died, now she's strong again....it just seems like maybe she's run her role (note: I hate that because I think that Sasha is a total BA & I love her). BUT the most important reason I think that she is going to die is Sonequa was cast as the LEAD in the upcoming Star Trek series which debut in May of this year. 

Now Sonequa is an amazing actress but it's hard to be in 2 places at once. I also doubt they will be filming Star Trek in Georgia. Yes, she could shoot the other show during the off season of TWD but I just don't know how one person would be able to do it all. 

I also think I know how exactly Sasha will die! In the comics Abraham leaves Rosita for a girl named Holly. Well Holly helps Rick and the others attach Negans fortress by driving a car through the gates and into a building where she is captured by Negan. Later Negan confronts Rick saying if they can talk he will give him back Holly. It is later shown that Holly is now a Walker and we are lead to believe that Negan is the one who turned her. This would be SUCH a fitting death for Sasha. She would ride straight into battle with Rick and the rest of the group showing how kick butt she is. The fact that Negan would turn her into a walker would eat away at Rick and leave him feeling like maybe he failed all over again.

Like I said earlier....I have zero idea if this is how anything will really happen BUT if you look at the things Sonequa has coming up, her time on TWD may be coming to an end. I hope I am wrong because Rick and his group need fighters like Sasha, but only time will tell!



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