4 Signs Your Perfect New Boyfriend Is Actually a Psychopath

Okay. Don't get mad at me... But that new perfect dude that you're dating is probably a psychopath. I know. I know. (don't shoot the messenger) 


Just when you thought he was the perfect guy too. Yeah... Nope. He most definitely has issues. 

Have you ever heard of the term love bombing?? It means "a genuine expression of friendship, fellowship, interest or concern." and it's what psychopaths do to win over your love and affection. 


I know. I am here to help.

Here are 4 ways to help you find out if you're dating a psychopath. There is all according to YourTango.com

1. They make over-the-top statements at inappropriately early times, any time in the first few months.

They say things like:

  • • "You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met."
  • • "I knew you were the one the moment I laid eyes on you."
  • • "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."
  • • "There is no one in the world as beautiful, handsome, intelligent as you."

2. They make a lot of statements about your similarities.

The nature of psychopaths is that they are chameleons who adopt new masks when they are trying to seduce someone new. They listen a lot and say things that are meant to make you feel exactly alike.

Statements like: "Wow, I also played that weird sport and was a fan of tuba music."

3. They seem to be everything you have ever wanted in a mate.

Space and time are your weapons against dating and falling for a psychopath. Keep a rein on your emotions. If you have that "wow, this seems off" feeling in your gut, always listen and run!

If you aren't sure, and the relationship does seem really good, just wait and see. You don't have to move in with them, get married or buy a house together right now

4. They evoke your sympathy.

Hearing sob stories from them? Psychopaths know that people love to root for the underdog and use it to their advantage. They often hide the fact that they are completely unemployable and are a total parasite with lots of statements about how they are down on their luck and just looking for a big break.

Remember, healthy partners have pride! A healthy person won’t bring their skeletons out of the closet right away and walk them around for fear that you will be scared off.

The psychopath knows this and will use their down on their luck stories to make them seem more honest and trustworthy, when in fact they are the opposite.


Now that you know the signs beware friends... 



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