Chris Brown Takes Credit For Making Artists Care About Their Fans

Chris Brown

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Chris Brown's meet-and-greets during his One Of Them Ones tour with Lil Baby has sparked a lot of discussion, and has even caused a ripple effect in the music industry.

Brown appeared to notice that other artists like Megan Thee Stallion were loosening up and getting crazy with their fans during their meet-and-greets just like he did. The Breezy singer took to his Instagram Story on Thursday, August 18, to take credit for the recent resurgence of getting up-close and personal with supporters at shows. He said that the trend he started with his $1,000 VIP meet-and-greets can save the relationship between artists and fans.

"I'm happy that my meet and greets are starting to inspire artist to actually give a f**k about their fans," Brown wrote in his IG Story post. "I didn't invent the wheel or meet and greets but I damn sure set the tone."

When his joint tour with Lil Baby kicked off last month, the Internet went wild after fans who copped the pricy meet-and-greet tickets began posting their racy photos with the singer. Despite the criticism he received, Brown praised his fans for being so creative and supportive. He also called out other artists who "won't even make eye contact" with their fans for not going all out for the people who strengthen their careers.

"I haven't done meet and greets in over 7 years..." Brown wrote in his post. "I have the coolest fans on the planet. I appreciate the f**k outta them. These are memories that will last with them forever. Unlike most of these lame-ass artists that won't even make eye contact with the people who made it possible to even have a career. I only exist because these fans saw something in me I never thought was possible... So Ima go all out for my fans!!!"

See more hilarious photos from his meet-and-greets below.

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