Fall Out Boy Is Being Sued For Overusing Its Now Iconic Llama Puppets

If you're a fan of Fall Out Boy, chances are you are familiar with the llamas by now. The two life-sized, wearable puppets have been featured in videos including “HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T,” “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)”, and “Bishops Knife Trick,” and are even the sole stars of "The Last Of The Real Ones," as well as promo material for the band's M A N I A tour. Turns out the band wasn't supposed to use the llamas in any of those clips, and the company that made them, Furry Puppet Studio Inc., is suing FOB because of it.

According to a lawsuit obtained by Reuters, the stuffed animal company is claiming the group only had permission to use the puppets in its 2017 video "Young and Menace" and is seeking damages incurred by the band's illegal use of the llamas, which its lawyer says could amount to millions of dollars.

FOB has not publicly addressed the lawsuit, which was filed on Friday (March 15) in Manhattan federal court. Watch the "Young and Menace" video below.


We'll have to see how Furry Puppet Studio Inc.'s case holds up in court, but one thing is for certain — we won't be seeing those rambunctious llamas in anymore FOB videos any time soon.

Photo: YouTube


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