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By Sierra Marquina

Are Drake and Rihanna back on and did Katy Perry and John Mayer split?

E! News‘ Ken Baker phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to help us clarify the relationship statuses of both duos.

As far as Ken is concerned, there’s definitely something going on between Drake and RiRi.

“It’s been going on the last year or so … we see them flirting … we have sightings of them out at hotels, but neither of them ever confirm anything. They’re super coy about it. They never show much PDA about it at all … but I say that’s a bunch of bull. I’m telling you these two have something going on. They’re keeping it low-pro, but there is something happening.”

Ken goes on to point out what he describes as a mini “grind-a-thon” onstage recently in London when Rihanna joined Drake for “Take Care” during his concert.

“The big speculation is that she’s still obsessed with Chris Brown,” says Ken. “And of course, Chris Brown doesn’t like Drake … so a lot of people think it’s a ploy to get under Chris Brown’s skin.”

When it comes to Katy and John, they’re 100% done, according to Ken.

Despite spending Valentine’s Day together the couple has called it quits. “This is really sad,” Ken shares. “I thought Katy had met her match, but it turns out they were having a lot of problems … and a very good source has told us they’re done. They’ve broken up.”

Here’s to mending hearts and grind-a-thons!