I love this stage in my life.  I'm finally an adult with experiences of my own, and my dad is no longer right by default! YES!  (I love you daddy!)  

Exhibit A:  My dad and his girlfriend just adopted a new dog, Coach.  (Side note: I'm the one who suggested the name, but we can come back to that later...)  Since they already have another dog, Coach is getting used to a new house, new people, and new animals.  So this is the convo I had with my dad: 

Me:  Dad, you should get a kennel for Coach when you're not home.  He's in a new place, and he'll freak out when you're gone. 

Dad:  No no no, I don't like kennels.  They don't look good in the house. 

Three days later, this happened: 

This looks much better than a bulky kennel, doesn't it?  

I hate to say "I told you so", but.... oh no wait, I love saying that. 

Dad - I TOLD YOU SO.  

But I still love you!