I'm calling total BS on this.  I mean I'm not married, but I've always thought when the honeymoon's over, so is regular-basis sex. Perhaps that's why I'm not yet married.  


According to some survey in the UK (because that's where all the best polls come from), the average happily married couple: 

*Kisses 10 times a week (that's it?!) 
*Snuggles 7 times a week (Note to my future husband: I will snuggle the s#!t out of you 7 times a DAY) 
*Has 3 dinner dates a month (where do you find the time??) 
*Has 2 vacations a year (again, where do you find the time? And MONEY?!) 
*Has sex............... 3 times a week.  

Who the hell are these married couples?! Do they not have kids?? 

See more results HERE

I'm willing to bet they get it on multiple times a day.  I mean have you HEARD "Drunk in Love"??