Thinking about getting a dog? (DO IT!) I hiiiiiiiiiiiighly recommend adopting!  First of all, there are more homeless pets in shelters than I want to think about. :( Second, they know you saved their life and did an amazing thing, and they're so grateful!  

This adopted dog in Michigan saved his new family's lives just weeks after being rescued!  He woke the couple up in the middle of the night to alert them that a gas stove had been left on.  Totally sounds like something I would do have done. (Ok, fine. I'll admit it.  I left my oven on once.  For like.... 18 hours.  My apartment was 80 degrees. But it was years ago, LET IT GO.)

Read more about this sweet little dog HERE!  

And here's my teeny tiny little scoopy pie pupcake.  Also known as Zoe, making herself right at home!  Doesn't this look way more comfy than a shelter??