I may have a nail polish obsession.  Perhaps my bathroom closet (note: not cabinet, a whole freaking CLOSET) is filled with a collection of Walgreens impulse purchases in a variety of colors (or maybe I have two of some colors, who knows). 

But when I saw this nail color on Pinterest, I knew I had to make an emergency run to Ulta!  I thought I was going to find some version of a pearl color, but fate stepped in and put me in front of OPI Kyoto Pearl. I mean Pearl is right there in the title, clearly I had to get it! 

Now keep in mind, I'm not a manicurist. In fact, I downright suck at painting my nails. But this is the result of my beautiful trip to Ulta! (That, plus new eyeshadow and some Essie nail polish. But that's another story for another blog post.)

Would you try this color for spring?  Tweet me your beauty obsessions @KaciKruz!