Fine, I'll say it: This holiday is LAAAAAME.  For as much as I talk about my personal life, the one thing I only discuss with a select few people is my love life.  If you notice, sometimes I say things that make it seem like I'm single, then magically I refer to "the man friend".  Am I dating? Am I not?  That's something only those who call me by a nickname know for sure.  

So my relationship status isn't a factor in this.  I'm not a bitter single woman, and I'm not a taken woman bitter that her boyfriend forgot to send flowers.  I'm a woman who was just trying to get to the wine aisle at Target last night, but couldn't because last-minute-men and women were crowding the chocolate aisle leading up to the wine!  And forget making it to the magazine section.  Trying to push through the crowd in the card aisle was like people trying to drive home in Atlanta during the snow/ice storm.  

Valentine's Day isn't about spontaneously showing your love to someone special.  Do you think those people taking up all the space at Target were there because they felt like doing something nice? Nooooo. They were there because on their way home they thought, "Oh CRAP!  Valentine's Day is tomorrow!"  They felt obligated.  

So ladies, when you're Instagramming your flowers with the caption "Look how sweet my boyfriend is!", congratulations.  You got a plant.  So did everyone else today.  

You can have your flowers, chocolate, and romantic dinner tonight.  I'll take spontaneous kisses when he thinks I'm asleep every other day. :)

And in the meantime, I get the wine all to myself tonight! 

It's red.  It matches the theme, right?