You know that scene in Home Alone when Kevin is walking home with groceries, and the bags break?  It was like that, except instead of grocery bags it was garbage bags.  And instead of groceries, it was coffee grounds, banana peels, and 4 piles of magazines splattered all over the parking lot.  This is what happens when I try stuffing 6 months worth of magazines in one garbage bag. 

So needless to say, I've read every cover story that almost every women's magazine has written in the last year, and it always starts the exact same way - describing the celebrity walking to the interview.  

"You'd never guess she's a celebrity! She's wearing jeans!  She extends her arm and introduces herself, as if I didn't already know!" 

I mean can we get a little creativity here?  Now every time you plop on the couch with coffee and the latest shiny, so perfect you're afraid to open it as to not bend the pages, magazine, you'll notice they start the cover story the SAME. WAY. EVERY. MONTH.  Kind of like how Cosmo magically finds 100 "BRAND NEW!' ways to touch him wherever. 

I'd show you examples, but of course my computer isn't letting me post pictures today.  Technology hates me.