Let's play a game called "How is Kaci Still Employed"!  I read this list of what you're not supposed to say to your boss, and um, well I may have said a couple of them.  

According to Entrepreneur magazine, a few things you should NEVER say to the person in charge are: 

"No." (Unless, ya know, they're trying to make out with you. Then 'no' is more than okay.) 

"I'm going to HR."  (Unless, again, they're trying to make out with you.

"It's ____'s fault!"  (I agree with this one!!! Don't ever push blame on someone else. That's just annoying.) 

Things Kaci has said to her boss that she probably shouldn't have: 

"I need to start drinking in the morning." 

"Do you need me to pull the log?" (Okay, this is radio language, but when you don't know what that means, it sounds hiiiiiiiiiighly inappropriate!

"No but really, let's have mimosas at our staff meetings." 

"Can I have an intern to do my job for me while I go shopping?" 

I bet Entrepreneur magazine would frown upon drinking wine from the bottle in your office.