May 22nd




It’s bikini shopping time!!! I would normally say cue the miserable scary music but I’ve got a bunch of places for you to shop to find so you’re bound to find something great for you. I know first hand of bikini shopping troubles, I’ve had small boobs, I now have big boobs, I’m short, I’ve been super chubby, a little chubby, I’ve got love handles, and I have no ass. Yes, bikini shopping sucks for all of us. I found that it’s best to order online and try on in the comfort of your own home, this way you don’t start cursing in a dressing room.

Wet Swimwear: I recently got two bikinis from them! The Raegan top with the Bri bottom which is fun and the Scarlet  which is sexy because it has a cool chain going down the top of the back. I got to attend an event where they launched their new summer collection, the models were changing into each style and they looked great in all of them (not because they're models!) They have retro-styled ruffle bottoms and a ruffle one-piece. 

Aeropostale: I’ve pretty much restocked my spring and sum me wardrobe by shopping here, the clothing is stylish and unbelievably affordable. I decided to give their bathing suits a try and was beyond shocked when a black crochet top and bottom fit me perfectly. Oh, and they were $8 EACH! I shouldn’t tell people about this because it’s my little secret, but fineeeee.
UrbanOg: They have an amazing collection at an affordable price! The bandeau  top with a star bow is great for whatever your Fourth of July plans may be! I’m really into fringe tops and they have a tie-dye styled bikini!

Cami and Jax: Created by sisters Camille and Jackie who grew up in Hawaii (which is reason enough to trust them with having great swimwear!). They’re line combines beauty and elegance, the spirit of the people and places that shaped their lives, while also being practical and down-to-earth. They have some really hot styles that aren’t too revealing in their Makana collection like this Kandace top and bottom and Moana bottom. The Bethany top is the perfect top for comfort yet style.
Swimwear 360: This site as tons of designer swimsuits and bikinis, there are so many, you are bound to find one that’s perfect for you. One of my favorites is the Maaji collection. 

ASOS - Curve: They have awesome everything….clothes, shoes, accessories but I really love their Curve swimsuit line. It’s plus-size styles that are way more stylish than the ones you find at your everyday department store. There’s a style with stars all over it that’s great for 4th of July and a one-piece with a really cool palm tree print!
Anna Kosturova: Okay so this one is out of my price range but…these are the bathing suits worn on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for the last eight years! If this is within your bathing suit budget then go for it, because that would be sweet to own! If not, it’s still fun to check out! 

Okay Dudes, These Are For You!

Chubbies: These swim trunks are THE BEST and the company has an awesome personality. They come up with the best names for their products like, The Moby Ds, The Kerplunketytrunksteins, and The Trunkleberry Finns. You have to love them solely for the names! All of their styles are above the knee, I mean, ABOVE the knee, this may not be for everyone but it’s definitely something worth trying out! Their motto is “Sky’s out thigh's out!”
Swell: Every year Worst Assistant Anthony sends me links to bathing suits from asking me my opinion. They have several different brands of bathing suits and so many designs! You’re bound to find something you like and most of the styles are a little longer than the Chubbies styles. I love the O’Neill Murica’s - solo cups and beer pong balls put together to make an American Flag!