May 20th



I’ve been going through this phase where I don’t want to go to the mall and try on clothes so I’ve been ordering online! The best online boutique I have found is Meachy Lynn. I drool over the tanks, skirts, dresses, sweaters and accessories. I have the Cher Floral Tank Top, the Peach Amy Scuba Skirt, and the Mint Jessica Solid Wrap Dress. The creator Michelle hand picks each items she wants to sell on the site. She created Meachy Lynn after living in NYC and buying a dress that was $19 and finding the exact same one being sold for 5x the price by a fancy upscale boutique. She wanted to make sure girls had a place to shop for their style where they weren’t getting ripped off! Her mom once told her, “she has wine taste with a beer pocketbook” Don’t we all! Use keyword code: ELVIS for free shipping!


To make shopping super easy download the CoBrain app! After choosing a few of your favorite brands it spits out some items. As you go through and choose what you like it regenerates new items. The more you tell it what you like and dislike the more it personalizes your shopping experience. It uses data from several merchants to find the best items for you. CoBrain is constantly adapting so the more people that use the app and select what they like and dislike the more it’s able to generate the best items for you! This is not like apps that spit out items that are "similar" to items you like, It’s like having another brain! Download for iPhone or Android.